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And other adventures C# and … MVC 2 Preview 1 – ‘DisplayItemFor’ custom HtmlHelper extension

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Yesterday, well really earlier today, I went on an on about the problems with DisplayFor and my initial hack. Then I updated the post highlighting a post from Matt Hidinger that covers an expression-based  alternative. Here is the link:

But then sleep called and then to work and I let the idea brew. I really like Matt’s use of expressions but I didn’t like the fact that I could not control write flow. So I took his code and morphed it into what I’ll call ‘DisplayItemFor’. It’s quite simple: it requires and enumerable expression from the model and item from the same enumerable. At that point setting up a foreach loop and calling ‘DisplayItemFor’ is a fairly straight forward. Here’s an implementation example:

   1: <ul>

   2:     <%
   1: foreach (ArticleElement element in Model.Elements){


   3:         <li>

   4:             <%
   1: =Html.DisplayItemFor(m => m.Elements,element)  


   5:         </li>        

   6:     <%
   1: } 


   7: </ul>

Download the source:

(using .docx due to wordpress limitations)


Written by Lynn Eriksen

September 14, 2009 at 7:39 pm

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