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I’m still a fan of Reagan today as much as I was in high school, because he was a man of vision, courage and ideals. He was the kind of man that could inspire and teach. An authentic person … and probably the last truly American president we have had. Check out this speech:

It’s greatness is not just in it’s timelessness but it’s daring: that men of reason and temperance could not just contemplate the possibilities of the future but could foster the principles that would undergird it. He believed that not only was important for us to freely seek a living for ourselves but to understand why it was a gift to do so. From that understanding not only would come prosperity but also community, a shared protection of our mutual self interest. These were not new ideas, but he was a man that was not afraid to say them and to be persistent about it. These are things I believe, try to live, and often fail at.

What is going on today is truly terrible. Spending is not the problem but the ultimate symptom. As a nation we are bankrupt, a nation that has lost it’s way. And we must at some point ask ourselves if we are the people that are still worthy of the ideas that Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln stood for. Are we a nation of men and women of  bold ideas, unwavering nerve, personal charity – visionaries looking towards a better future for ourselves and our children? Right now I say no we are not. We recognize this trait as something uniquely our heritage but it is missing yet we do not know why. We have become to enthralled with comforts, cowards seeking gain at others expense, irresponsible stewards of our minds, our resources and our future – and a people that above all must be entertained. At this point we are not worthy of the gift of God – to by his grace to live as free men.

And I will take responsibility for my self.


Written by Lynn Eriksen

June 15, 2009 at 11:11 pm

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