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Windows 7 Release Candidate – More than a Feeling

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Okay, I know – quit with the Boston references already.

So that millions of other people I played with the beta and have done a clean RC install. First impressions?

  • The beta felt fast but could be a bit rough. This has a fast feeling but it smoother than the beta.
  • First glance a the backup tool shows that you can select what folders you want to back up under back options. The ‘hey dummy’ lack of options from Vista are gone.
  • Themes. Windows 7 have several themes out of the box that not only have different visuals but sounds as well. At first I thought it was a bit corny, but after a few days with theme I really enjoy the break from normal.
  • That darn humming bird. That’s right – login screen wall papers have the next iteration of the Win 7 theme. Yes – Windows 7 is faster – but a humming bird? We’ll see.
  • IE 8 – it has the IE 8 final version at it’s smoking fast.
  • TaskBar – icons are a bit more crowded but not too much.
  • Haven’t played with XP mode beta yet. That’s part of the plan.
  • As promised, UAC now demands a prompt.

Now we have fun. I won’t tackle the consumer question, but one thing that intrigues me is how does Win 7 fit in the Microsoft’s long term plans. That takes a bit of recent history. See you next post for that.


Written by Lynn Eriksen

May 16, 2009 at 4:44 am

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