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Windows 7 first impressions

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I installed Windows 7 over the weekend. Here are my first impressions.

1)  It’s still a beta. With my older video card and multi-monitor setup I am having issues with Aero glass. Specifically, any time I open and Explorer or Control panel window my glass turns to charcoal and I have to reset it.

2)  It’s faster than Vista. And it feels faster than XP. Most operations seem much snappier. But that could because it’s a relatively fresh install.

3)  Upgrade works – but it takes forever. Yet, my system is currently totally usable. So I really cannot complain.

4)  The new taskbar is refreshingly different yet awkward at the same time. I really like that I can move around icons for programs.

5)  No major compatibility issues to report at this time.

6) UAC has been less intrusive thus far, and some Vista clumsiness has been removed.

7) Memory usage is about the same. Though Vista and Windows 7 scale memory usage to the amount you have available. Supposedly, Win 7 does better than Vista.


Written by Lynn Eriksen

January 12, 2009 at 11:17 am

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