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Framework Madness!

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Frameworks. They ease pain and inflict it. They make life easier, once you understand them. They seem so sexy to develop, and are yet so difficult to create that they can cause a person to throw in the towel all together. Okay all admit it – I am a Framework junky. I am still working on a 12 step program.

The truth of the matter is that writing frameworks is incredibly hard. The more ambitious the goals, the more likely you are to fall short. And if you’re one person, attempting to write a large framework, especially if it’s not your day job, can lead to deep personal frustration and exhaustion. I set my most recent attempt to write a large framework down several weeks ago with a mix of total relief and personal disgust. I had pushed way past personally imposed deadlines. I had added a ton of features along the way and started throwing them out at the last minute to bailout the project. Yet it wasn’t enough. A demo of the project revealed that there just wasn’t enough time available to get the project to the finish line, and it may not be marketable even if we got that far. I took a few weeks spending my personal time on other diversions. This is my first attempt to make any sense of it. I’ll try to boil down a few pointers as I can. What about you? Have you had any experiences writing frameworks in a team or individual setting that you would like to share?


Written by Lynn Eriksen

December 22, 2008 at 1:25 pm

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